Online 3 Card Poker

If you enjoy a challenge, and you love the online casino format, then online 3 card poker may be just the game for you. This great online casino game is a strategy game that requires concentration and focus. But don't' worry too much - while you're concentrating at online 3 card poker there is also room for you to have fun!

Playing 3 Card Poker at an Online Casino

Online 3 card poker, like the casino variety, is actually two games wrapped up into one. Not everyone who plays at the online casino, or even at the table game, realizes this detail. Online 3 card poker includes a "Pair Plus" section and an "Ante and Play" section. When you play the Pair Plus part of online 3 card poker you aren't competing against anyone else. You are trying to get your best card hand, regardless of anyone else. With Ante and Play, however, things are quite different.

Pair Plus for Online 3 Card Poker

Let's examine each of these parts of the online 3 card poker game individually. First, when you are ready to play online 3 card poker, you decide how much you are wiling to wage. You get your cards with three cards face-up. You win by having at least a pair or better. At this online casino game, the payout is based on how much you wagered. So, a pair pays out even money, a flush pays out four to one, and a straight flush pays out 40 to 1. Even if you only concentrate on the Pair Plus part of the online 3 card poker game, you can have a lot of fun and have the chance to win quite well.

Ante and Play for Online 3 Card Poker

The second part of the online 3 card poker game is the Ante and Play part. In this part, you play against the dealer. You make your bet at the online casino site and then receive three face-up cards. The dealer gets three face-down cards and you have to decide whether you are going to keep playing online 3 card poker or fold this round. If you continue playing, then you place a play bet that is equal to your ante bet. The dealer will then open up his hand and the two hands are compared. If you are lucky, and the dealer isn't holding a queen or higher, then you've won this part of the online 3 card poker game.

Get In the Game with Online 3 Card Poker

While the game of online 3 card poker may sound confusing at first, it's really a lot of fun and you will catch on quickly. Play a few rounds for practice at the online casino and then get ready to join the game of online 3 card poker for real and to have more fun today!