What is Online Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a dice game that originated in China. There are a number of versions of the game that you'll find at the online casino of your choice. Sometimes the game will be called Grand Hazard, and others will refer to it as Chuck-a-Luck. If you travel through Asia you'll find Sic Bo played a great deal, and the modern online Sic Bo game isn't so different from the ancient version. Today, most online casino sites offer Sic Bo to their clientele, and people are eager to enjoy this interesting and varied dice game.

How to Play Online Sic Bo

So, with so many people interested in online Sic Bo, how do you get into the game? Sic Bo uses three regular dice that are put into a basket or shaken in some way. The player's job is to guess what combination will appear after the dice have been shaken. The dice, understandably, can fall in many combinations in online Sic Bo, so there is a large range of possible bets with this online casino game. The most interesting bet looks for a specific triple and pays out at 180 to 1. The simplest bet allows you to bet on the value of one die and has a payout of 1 to 1.

8 Ways to Bet with Online Sic Bo

There are 8 basic groups of bets with online Sic Bo. Understanding these groupings will make this online casino game easier to play. You can bet that there will be a three of a kind with online Sic Bo. This is when you bet that one specific number will appear on all three dice. It pays out 150 to 1 and rarely happens. Then, you can be on two of a kind which pays out at 8 to 1. This combination can happen in twelve ways with online Sic Bo. Any three of a kind is the next bet, where you bet that all three dice will have the same number, but you don't say what the number will be. This online casino bet pays out at 24 to 1. Next, you can bet on online Sic Bo that the total of the three dice will equal a number from 4-10 and this is a small bet. It pays even money.

More Betting with Online Sic Bo

Next, you can bet the opposite; you can bet big. This is when the sum of the three dice will equal a number from 11-17 and it also pays out even money. You can bet sum, where you bet on specific numbers on the online Sic Bo layout table. The payout varies here. You can bet on a duo where you bet that two different numbers will appear on at least two of the three thrown dice. It pays 5 to 1. Finally, you can bet one of a kind with this online casino game. This is betting that a certain number will show up on one, two or all three of the dice. You get even money if it's on one die, 2 to 1 if it's on two dice, and 3 to 1 if it's on all three.

Online Sic Bo Fun

Online Sic Bo is an interesting and entertaining game. It creates a refreshing variety from card games and shakes things up a bit. Have more fun at the online casino by trying out new activities - and online Sic Bo might just be a good choice for you!